Japanese Repair Paper

Mino Paper

Fine washi kozo paper with a silky finish, handmade by Sayoko Furuta a Living National Treasure of Japan.  This paper is made of a superior grade of kozo with long fibers of uniformly excellent quality.  All Mino papers are especially good where strength is important.  4 deckle edges.


25.5" x 38.5", 30 gms

PJ-HI-USU 25.5" x 36.5", 16 gms $22.50
PJ-HI-USUI 25.5" x 36.5", 12 gms $22.50

Hosho, Professional

Handmade in Japan of 100% sulphite neutral pH smooth on one side and slightly textured on the other, 4 natural deckles. White. Acid free. 85 gms.

PJ-HOSHOP 19" X 24" $4.25


Handmade in Japan of 100% Philippine gampi.  The buff shade and smooth texture of this paper make it a usefull conservation paper when trying to match more toned papers.  also good for chine colle, etching, silkscreening, letterpress.  4 deckle edges; acid-free, 30 gms

PJ-KITA 16" x 20" $4.20


A very thin, long-fibered strong paper with body and hard surface.  Very even and very beautiful.  especially good for long fiber mending since its fibers are compact and can be torn leaving a strong fibrous edge.  It is also good for chine colle.  Handmade in Japan of 100% kozo fiber, natural color.  4 deckle edges; acid free; 18 grms

PJ-KIZU 24" x 36" $17.00


Handmade in Japan of kozo and sulphite. Its name comes fromt he mulberry family, source of the kozo fiber. It is very lightweight, yet strong and soft. Very versatile - useful for block printin, etching, letterpress, silkscreening, hand lithography and chine colle. 4 deckle edges; acid free; white; 45 gms.

PJ-MULBR 25" x 38" $5.20


One of the thickest Japanese papers that is strong, soft  and supple.  recommended for spine linings in conservation work as it is thick and will conform nicely over a spine.  One layer suffices.  the laid lines are almost invisible  also good for chine colle, block printing, and silkscreening.  Handmade in Japan of 100% kozo.  4 deckle edges; acid free; white; 60 gms

PJ-OKA-S 12" x 16"


Paper Nao

This paper comes directly from the studio of renown Japanese papermaker Naoki Sakamoto. These restoration papers are free of impurities such as iron particles or mechanical wood pulp. These papers are special order only. Click here to see price and paper listing.

Iwami or "Sekishu"

Also called "Sekishu". Handmade in Japan of kozo and sulphite pulp.  A lightweight soft paper showing small fibers dispersed that do not intrude, but rather give a soft background. machinemade, a large economical sheet, also good for chine colle and block printing.  4 deckle edges, acid free. 30gms; white or natural.

PJ-SEK-NT 24" x 39" $6.00
PJ-SEK-WH 24" x 39" $6.00

Sekishu Torinoko Gampi

Handmade in Japan. 100% gampi fiber. It is the top grade for preservation, conservation and repair of valuable objects on paper. the gampi content makes the sheet strong in spite of its very light weight. Transparent and silky, almost as if it were glazed (but it is not). 4 deckle edges; acid free; off white; 20 gms.

PJ-SEKGAMP 21" x 29" $16.00

Silk Tissue

Machinemade in Japan.  A mixture of gampi and sulphite provides a paper that is very silky and transparent.  good for interleaving and chine colle.  no deckle edges; acid free; white; 10 gms.

PJ-SILK 18" x 24" $2.50

Naga Uda

Handmade in Japan of 100% kozo.  Very strong with natural color.   4 deckle edges; 25 gms

PJ-NAGAUDA 13" x 55" $8.47

Thin Uda

Handmade in Japan of 100% kozo.  a very lightweight tissue with laid formation and exceptionally soft touch.  Looks very antique, with good opacity despite its thinness. 

PJ-THINUDA   $9.24

Tear Dry

This Japanese tear dry is made from 100% kozo paper and is manufactured with parallel tear lines. Available in 12 gms and 20 gms. 17" x 23.5".

PJ-HI-DT 12 grams 17" x 23.5" $9.75
PJ-HI-DT 20 grams 17" x 23.5" $10.25

Tengujo (Tosa)

Handmade 100% kozo fibers, sun bleached, and cooked in soda ash.  This paper is a very smooth, extremely light-weight paper.  The long silky fibers and formation give this lightweight paper an almost woven look.  This us used extensively in conservation where application needs to be as transparent as possible. acid free; natural color; 11 gms.

PJ-TOSATG 25" x 30" $12.50
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